Release Date: NOV 20



- Photocard SET


- Lightstick
- Strap
- Cradle component is only available in the LIMITED edition



1. When the battery power is low, the color may be blurred or the color may be slightly different.
2. This product is a cheering rod that responds to a specific sound source, and the sound source response data is not entered in the product purchased for the first time.
3. Before use, use the APP to update software and performance information (sound source response data). After updating, when rebooting, press and hold the button for 2 seconds to turn on the power.
4. If you do not download the corresponding data, there may be no reaction or the presentation may be different.
5. MIC that recognizes the sound source is built in the cheering stick. The response may not be smooth due to the wearing of earphones that interfere with recognition or the loud noise in the vicinity.

-Use 3 AAA size batteries. (When inserting the battery, be sure to check the + and-terminals.)
-Insert the socket in the direction of the arrow marked on the battery socket and close the cap by turning it.
-You can turn on/off the Punch Hammer sound with the slide button on the top of the cheering stick.
-Cables rated below 5V / 2A must be used, and the use of high-speed chargers is prohibited.
-This cheering stick does not support charging because it does not contain a built-in battery.
-Be careful that the product does not work if you insert the battery socket upside down, and it may cause a malfunction.


-Experience the mood light mode through the app.
-You can control the light of the cheering rod in a variety of ways by updating the app later.
-Normal mode: 1 time POWER ON (lit) → 2 times Dimming (gradient) → 3 times Flash (flashing) → 4 times OFF (Off)
-Bluetooth connection mode: 2 times in a row (blue blinks)
-Central control mode: The mode is automatically switched in venues that support the central control mode. (In central control mode, if you press the power button for more than 3 seconds, the central control mode is canceled, and if you press the power button for more than 3 seconds, it returns to the central control mode.)
-When the power is on and a specific sound source whose inaudible frequency is recognized is played without separate settings, it automatically reacts to the production.
-Please update the software of the cheering stick to the latest.
-In the sound source response mode, you can return to the normal mode by pressing the button for more than 3 seconds.