Brand: OiOi

Shop Link: http://www.oi-oi.co.kr/product/list.html?cate_no=671

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1 KRW = Php 0.050

(Item Price x 5% Service Charge) + 200 International Shipping fee per item + Local SF


Sample Computation (1 ITEM only):

Item Price: 22,000 krw

Conversion: 22,000 krw x 0.050 = Php 1100

Service Charge: Php 1100 x 0.05 = Php 55

Sub total (Item + SC): Php 1100 + Php 55 = Php 1155

+ International shipping fee: Php 200

+ Local shipping fee (to NCR): Php 120

TOTAL (ALL IN): Php 1475


Arasseonni will compute everything upon checkout via confirmation email.

This is just to give you an idea how much are the additional fees apart from the item itself.


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  • *All items are pre-order unless stated otherwise.

    **Some items may be out-of-stock without prior notice. We will honor refund in this case.

    Batch cut-off: Every 18th of the month
    Deadline of Payment: Every 20th of the month
    Shipment: After 3-5 business days processing

    ETA: 3-4 weeks after shipment via sea freight.



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