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terms and conditions

Please take time to read Arasseonni's Terms and Conditions before ordering :)

1. Ordering Online

Please be responsible when ordering online.


TRIPLE CHECK EVERYTHING before submitting the order form for smooth transaction.

There are three reasons why the order is delayed:

 1. Acts of Nature (Typhoon, Flood in your area, other calamities)

 2. The buyer didn’t settle the payment on or before the deadline.

 3. The buyer gave an incomplete or wrong information. (example: wrong name or tracking number for payment, incomplete or wrong shipping address for delivery)

Arasseonni will not be liable in any mistake that the customer has been made.

2. Cancellation/Change Order

CHANGING order/s is only possible as long as the buyer still haven't paid for the order. However, if payment is made, the buyer can only ADD item/s not change. CANCELLING order/s will be marked as joy reserver and will be blacklisted.

3. Batch Schedule

Cut off of orders is every 18th of the month. Deadline for down payment is every 20th of the month. Transit schedule to Manila is every end of the month. Transit time then is 4-5 weeks via sea freight.

4. Down Payment and Remaining Balance

Please make sure to settle down payment and remaining balance on or before the deadline. Failing to do so will be marked as bogus buyer and will be blacklisted. If the buyer already paid the down payment and failed to settle the remaining balance within the deadline, Arasseonni has the right to not ship the buyer's order until paid fully. BE RESPONSIBLE.

5. Communication

The buyer can always PM the admin on facebook page only for inquiries. All transactions will be made via Email (From Confirmation to Payment to Shipping). So please have an active Email before ordering. Email is a MUST. As much as possible, please only communicate via Email to track the thread of the conversation. Be responsible to check email regularly.

6. No Return No Exchange Policy

All items are PRE-ORDER and imported from South Korea, therefore, returning and exchanging items that are already sold will not be entertained. Please make sure you are 101% SURE when placing the order.

All items will be triple checked and evaluated before transit to the Philippines. Korean suppliers will not be liable of any damage made during transit.

7. Refunds

Refunds will only be made if the item is out-of-stock or sold out without prior notice. Arasseonni will update the buyer regarding the order via Email.

8. Complete Status/Unclaimed Items

The buyer will only be given a month to pay the remaining balance, after a month, there will be a penalty for every week that the buyer has failed to settle the payment. If the buyer has unclaimed item/s for 3 months, Arasseonni has the right to forfeit the item with no refund at all.


In case the item has sent back due to wrong shipping address and other reason, it will also be included in Unclaimed Items. Arasseonni will notify the buyer via Email if the order is Unclaimed and re-shipment fee will be shouldered by the buyer. If the items remained Unclaimed after the given date, it will be forfeited. Triple check your shipping address to avoid this.

9. Disclaimer

Arasseonni is not the manufacturer of all brands mentioned on this website. Any factory defect or un-satisfaction regarding with the items is beyond our control.


Arasseonni will not be liable for any damage caused by act of nature or any other problems encountered by the courier while the parcel is in transit.

*Rest assured Arasseonni will be able to track the package by our trusted courier and will be transparent as much as possible with the buyer.


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